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Faction Codex and Rules

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Faction Codex and Rules Empty Faction Codex and Rules

Post  The Zman Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:13 am

Faction Codex

"As you strike down thy foes by justice divine, remember the fallen and those that fight beside you."

The goal of Nex Umbra is to form a Elite that put member quality far above quantity, as all factions we want both however. We don't think of ourselves as neither good or evil. Our actions control our alignement. Not the other way around. Nex Umbra is a vengeful faction. We do not forget or forgive those who have done us wrong. You better think twice before you take a stand against us because once on our bad side there is no going back. Nex Umbra do not surround themselves with heretics and heathens.

Nex Umbra is a full PK faction

Strong leadership, loyalty, friendship and being organized are the cornerstones of 'Nex'.

Recruitment policy:

Nex recruit by inviting members. Being annoying and constantly bothering us for invites will not be in your favour. Letting us know you are interested is a good idea. People that are accepted are required to either,
A: Wear the "Neophyte" or if the faction has a previous relationship with a player they may be invited into the faction on the General and Lieutinants will.

Nex is not interested in players that:
- Are involved in other factions. Leave your faction, then contact us.*
- Have history of (excessively) leaving and joining multiple factions.
- Have history of cheating, exploiting or being abusive/annoing.
- That have too much ego.
- That fight only to win.

*We do not want to steal members from other factions, but we realize most players have a history of being part of multiple other factions.

Nex are interested in members that:
- Have extensive knowledge of game mechanics.
- Have above average PvP skill.
- Are willing to listen and learn.**
- That want to win but can handle losing.***
- That knows and appreciates a challenge.***

*We will not completly educate new players.*

Names and Uniforms:
Members will wear our colors on all toons starting at first
Our faction tag concists of "Name [Roman Digit] Nex Umbra".
level. Uniforms include an array of dark colors, Officers may wear what they please. Neophytes may only wear Pure Black.

(i.e JohnDoe I Nex Umbra, JohnDoe II Nex Umbra, JohnDoe III Nex Umbra)
Names will not be stupid or contain anything but upper case and lower case letters and [space]. If the ammoutn of toons in a personas vualt has reached a large number, the Roman Numeral may be replaced with 1 word.
Ex: Neo* Tower** Nex Umbra***, All three of the stars are required. Name-Numeral/Word-Nex Umbra.
Also, toons may be named anything as long as they have the Nex Umbra tag. Anyone caught not tagging toons properly will be forced to bank the toon(s) in question.

Upon joining Nex you will bank all other characters and create nothing but tagged toons. ( [test] toons are excluded of course ) (Also if the player only has 1 40, they may keep it until they get a tagged full 40)
Upon leaving or being asked to leave the faction you will bank those toons, Without question. Repremendations of keeping a Nex toon in your vualt will include permanent excludation from our party, and permanent KoS.

This is a matter of faction pride. If you are one of us you are proud to be so and want the world to know. Therefore there are no exceptions to these rules.



Alishira- Jesse__Lover HellzDivine

Drunken- Mr._Bob449


Psy- loristoe
Hugan- HuganMcBabyEater
War- WolfBiker
Elite- EliteEnglishman

Kim- kimjoh561
Zman- The Zman
Darkness- MT Darkness
Blur- MT Blur
Bones- MonkeyMan2006
Korvus- ||||KorvusA||||
Crimmage- Spanish Creativity
Gol- -Golgoth_Dol_Golgoroth-
Strife- Not-an-addiction
Sirraf- Sirraf
Degt- Degt
Droppi- or2005
Shadow- Covman
Kezia- Kezia-Dragon
Psychotic- loristoe
Paprika- Bodin Punyaprateep
Hiisi- _hiisi
Taco- Datsyuk197413
Sevdraak- Sevdraak
Mirage- o-mirage-o
Chubbs- FluffyBunny
Soulace- BrinnArmour
Teric- TericSwift
Blood- bl00dline
Kab- Kabura-Ya


Wraith- falling_out
Lux- Maagnus

The Zman
The Zman

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Faction Codex and Rules Empty Re: Faction Codex and Rules

Post  Psychotic Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:33 pm

The members list here needs some serious updating. Plus we are no long required to make tagged toons. Also the new member requirement of 100 kills on a toon before joining needs to be added.

(Admin, please delete this post after changes are made)


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